About us

Pacidal Corporation has revealed its expertise in the video surveillance industry for years, focusing on the design and manufacture of high-performance network IP cameras and DTV surveillance systems. The company is a pioneer of DTV surveillance cameras, a new-generation applications that adopt digital TV transmission technology in video surveillance. Based in Taiwan, a place where most of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-tech products clustered, Pacidal offers customers top-quality surveillance cameras and full-scale services. The core competence stems from its solid research & development capability, and greater flexibility in hardware and software customization of products and service. Furthermore, to provide extensive supports to customers, the company is dedicated to developing video management systems and providing total solution service for system integration.


Brand & philosophy

The company’s own brand-Pacidal, coming from Amis—an aboriginal language in Taiwan, refers to “the sun” and “brightness”. The brand image it denotes matches perfectly with the company’s product positioning, a provider of excellent video surveillance products in the security industry. The corporate philosophy is “the technology for a better life”. Pacidal is not only a brand for customer to choose, but also a reliable partner they can trust.


integrity, supreme quality, solid R&D ability, and customer support